«Peace is Possible», can now be read in 18 languages. The captivating International Peace Bureau book, was created to show - with the personal stories and practical experience of people like Nelson Mandela, Dalai Lama, Jody Williams, Daniel Ellsberg, Howard Zinn and unknown grass root activists as documentation - that everyone can find their way to contribute, and that the peace movement makes a difference in today´s world. In fact, our future depends on it.

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Peace, - who will invest energy and time in an impossible cause?

This question was the one Fredrik S. Heffermehl, a Norwegian lawyer and Vice President of the International Peace Bureau, after over a decade of international peace work, identified as the main obstacle for peace politics.

Everyone is for peace - and sees that it is a matter of survival. Why then, are so many so passive? Why do so few invest time and money in peace? Is the answer that, even with sympathy for the goals, people see the military sector as a too well established, too powerful opponent?

People cannot be aware of the remarkable successes in the struggle for peace, Heffermehl thought, and decided to document a selection from the last couple of decades. For this purpose he contacted a number of peace luminaries around the world, asking them to: "Please, make the field understandable and interesting, don´t talk like a professor, but tell your own fascinating stories in simple, human terms."

Essential to make the successes and results visible

The mainstream media, having a limited perception of power, do not tell the public how strong their power to influence political processes is. The stories in Peace is Possible do just that, taking you behind the scenes and offering vital, new and useful insight, in a narrative with broad appeal:

- Old and new peace activists get fresh inspiration and feeling of strength, they will learn a lot on the many options and where their resourses can best be put to use.
- Everyone gets a vision and a grip of the tools that change the world
- Well-intended diplomats/politicians learn more on what they can achieve in co-operation with citizens (civil society).

When was the last time reading on war and peace left you in a good mood?

By bringing so many little known results and success stories to light, the book leaves readers in an upbeat mood. Readers have responded with enthusiastic gratitude, and ordered up to 20-30 books to give to family and friends - to let hope and faith in the possibilities replace despair and depression.

Many have also volunteered help with translation and publication into their own languages. Soon in 14 in languages, the book will be accessible to some 60-70% of the world´s readers.

«The greatest obstacle to worldwide peace may be the widespread belief that it is impossible.»
The editor, Fredrik S. Heffermehl, in opening article.

...exceptionally valuable ... What the peace movement needs most is some such success stories to encourage all to keep up their efforts.
Philomena Ahn-Ja, Ph.D., Korea

… the most important, valuable and inspiring book that I have ever reviewed for the Morning Star
... presents a powerful case for action
to prevent the final catastrophe facing mankind.
Frank Allaun, former Member of Parliament, Manchester UK

This book will be of immense value to foster our work.
Jacob Tao, Concerned Youth for Peace, Freetown, Sierra Leone

... contains more undiscovered history than I have read for a long time. Brings to light a hitherto unofficial and unheeded part of modern history.
Niels Jacob Harbitz, Program for the Study of Democracy, London, UK

English - Español - Bangla - Norsk - Srpohrvatska - Suomi -
Hindi - Urdu - Japanese

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Mordechai Vanunu - never free?
On Sept 30, 2006, it is twenty years since this Peace is Possible writer was abducted from London by the secret police of Israel. He was kept in jail under terrible conditions for the full term of 18 years. The Sharon cabinet has withdrawn his civil and political rights and - even after serving his full sentence - Vanunu is forbidden to speak to foreigners and leave his country.

More on the case and Israel´s massive violations of his human rights, democracy and international laws - (CLICK HERE - for: update)

Watch what develops - bookmark this site!

A publication/information project by the
International Peace Bureau and Fredrik S. Heffermehl

Published with the support of UNESCO (Paris, Oslo and Islamabad), the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the A.J. Muste Foundation, New York.


An incredibly encouraging book. It shows how much idealism, creativity, guts and `will to achieve the impossible´ people have in this seemingly cynical time. Just imagine if the media had given these ideas, people and possibilities the attention they deserve!
Erik Dammann, philosopher and ecology pioneer, Oslo, Norway

... proved most useful for the discussions of peace issues in our group of ministers. I ordered a dozen extra to give to friends and they love it.
Rev. Richard E. Harding, Minister, Concord, Maine, USA

The authors show the road to a peaceful world in a particularly instructive and inspiring way. This book admirably serves a cause dear to UNESCO and central to its mission.
Federico Mayor, Director General of UNESCO, Paris, June 1999

A fine idea, prominent contributors
... extraordinarily interesting.

Kai Lemberg, Professor, Hellerup, Denmark

The Nobel Peace Center will open in Oslo on 7. June 2005. We will use «Peace is Possible» as a most valuable source of inspiration in our search for ways to communicate peace ideas in an innovative and constructive way.
Grete Jarmund, Project Manager, Nobel Peace Center, Oslo, Norway

Wonderful book! Very uplifting, and readable. Please send me 35 copies, which I will use to lift our spirits (your calm optimism is infectious), and as a basis of discussion and educational outreach in schools and other Canadian institutions.
Letter from Ian Cameron, Teacher, Toronto, Canada.

... a very valuable and encouraging tool for training our people in participatory democracy. We have transmitted many of the chapters on a radio station.
Admir Duraj, peace activist, Albania


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Fredrik S. Heffermehl, Vice President of IPB, used his 15 years of experience in leading positions in the Norwegian and global peace movement when he created this volume for the IPB. UNESCO praised the book as a valuable contribution to the UN decade for a culture of peace and gave their financial support.

We hope you will wish to have your own personal copy and/or help bring the book to service in public libraries and teaching institutions.

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